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5 Web design strategies that will improve your conversion rate

Posted on 29th April, 2021 by Cameron Carroll

Web Design

You’ve decided to change your company’s strategy and start by designing a stunning new website for your business to increase visitors and conversions. You might have already visited your competitors’ websites for ideas, have Googled for tips and guidance about the most effective layout, but don’t know where to start.

The following five tips will help you set clear goals about how you can turn your website into a highly effective sales tool for your business.

Remove Multiple Calls to Action

Even though you want to stand out from the competition, multiple calls to action about every offer, product and service you have won’t necessarily improve your conversion rates. On the contrary, having too many calls to action can overwhelm potential customers, making it more difficult for them to complete a purchase.

Adding CTA buttons that would target your primary goal as a business is the best way to help users follow the right direction. For example, if your goal is to increase your sales, adding prominent purchase buttons on your product pages will help lead the user towards making a purchase.

Additionally, removing less relevant and similarly styled buttons will help to improve users’ visitor experience.

Make Navigation Easier

Giving your visitors clear directions about where to find the product or service they want will increase their interest in browsing your website.

One way of achieving this would be to keep a clear website layout and offer simple menu options. Provide the information they need with the least amount of clicks possible and avoid making your website a maze that they will find it difficult to navigate.

Easy navigation will keep your visitors interested in browsing your website, not only regarding the product they initially visited your website for but your other products as well.

Increase Your Website’s Speed

One of the most important factors when it comes to improving your conversion rate and user experience is making sure your website loads quickly on mobile devices and computers.

Slow loading times could frustrate users and existing customers, who will eventually abandon your website or not buy another product. Not only will this affect your conversion rates, but a slow loading website will also negatively impact your search engine rankings and could lead to a reduction in website traffic.


There are ways and things you can do to improve your website’s loading time. Removing unused plugins and unnecessary extensions from your CMS or compressing the size of your images could significantly improve the speed both for desktop and mobile users. Avoiding the use of large JavaScript files will also allow your website’s content to load faster for visitors.

Furthermore, using an effective speed test tool such as GTmetrix will provide an insight into how fast your website loads. Besides the result it offers, it also suggests ways to help you improve your website’s speed and provides diagnostic reports which you can raise with your web developers in order to improve your site’s speed.

Split Testing

Split testing is a great way of improving conversion rates and it works by testing two different elements against each other to see which one performs the best. A simple example would be changing the colour of your Buy button from red to green.

One of the most popular split testing methods is A/B testing, which shows how two different variants work on the same web page. Performing a test between the old and new variant will help you decide which version has a more positive impact on your website.

Split testing can help you gradually test various elements on your website and improve its performance. You can test and improve various aspects, from how compelling your Heading and content is to optimising speed performance and test the number of images, ads, CTA buttons etc.

You can seek advice from your web developer, who can help you find out more about the different ways that split testing can improve the performance of your website.

Optimise Your Website

SEO is a great way to boost your website’s visibility on the search engines and improve your conversion rates. A well-optimised website with a strong Heading will drive more traffic to your website, and having compelling content will help convert the visitors to customers.

Websites with optimised content include long-tail keywords, which are more specific compared to more generic keyword phrases and help them rank better on the search engines. Because they’re less competitive, they drive more visitors to your website since it makes it easier for users to find what they’re looking for.

An effective SEO strategy will help you stay ahead of the competition and ensure the content on your website is useful and informative enough to guide the visitor along the buyer journey and ultimately improve your conversion rates.

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