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Why you shouldn’t let Coronavirus stop your SEO

Posted on 24th March, 2020 by Grant Johnson

Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation

COVID-19 or Coronavirus as it is more commonly known is affecting people all over the world. It’s causing businesses to prepare for the worst while trying to maintain a positive cash-flow. And, while there will inevitably be winners and losers, in this blog we’ll show you why the businesses that continue their investment in SEO and search engine marketing will be in the best position to thrive.

Cash flow is king

When it comes to any economic downturn cash-flow is king as it allows businesses to get through the hard times and be able to continue providing their services. Search engine marketing provides the highest return on investment of any form of marketing apart from opted-in email campaigns.

SEO and paid search campaigns reach people when they are in need, and self-isolation will only increase the need for products and services as more and more high-street stores are forced to shut their doors.

The businesses that have strong organic rankings will be in a position to get the lions share of the traffic, enquiries and sales, which will help their business not only survive in these difficult times, but to thrive.

Search marketing is measurable

One of the best things about search engine optimisation and search engine marketing is that it is easy to track the results of your campaigns compared to more traditional forms of marketing. Website tracking and analytics platforms such as Google Analytics make it easy to track your campaign’s performance and make changes based on user behaviour.

While SEO delivers long-term ranking benefits, paid search offers you the ability to react to your marketplace and bid on new keyphrases and terms as dictated by your audience. At the same time, you can start making changes to drive organic traffic and create pages or content tailored to and designed to appeal to a new audience.

Being able to measure and track the impact of your marketing will help you spend your budget on the areas that make the biggest difference and create a positive ROI for your business.

People actively search for in-demand products

We’re willing to bet that if you have an unlimited stock of toilet roll right now then you are probably going to have plenty of customers. As high-street stores shut their doors more and more products will become in-demand and people will turn to the search engines to find the products they need or viable alternatives.

If your business can offer viable alternatives for the products and services that people need then you will be able to generate more sales and get more business. Using tools such as Google Trends your SEO company can help you predict what phrases are seeing increased demand and help come up with ways that you can use this to your advantage.


Services will still be needed

From plumbers and electricians to car mechanics and gardeners, services will still be required by consumers and businesses. Just because more people are working from home doesn’t mean that they won’t need these services. If anything, there will probably be more demand from people looking for services such as an emergency plumber to fix a broken boiler or blocked toilet. Search engine optimisation helps to ensure that your business will be in a position to attract these customers and generate the work that you need to keep your cash-flow positive.

Coronavirus is temporary

It may seem hard to believe right now, but eventually, things will return to normality and the economy will stabilise. Businesses that can ride out the storm and continue with their marketing campaigns will be in a stronger position when things start to go back to normal and will be able to capitalise on your increased visibility from a strong SEO campaign.

While other businesses are cutting their advertising and marketing spend, be the business that continues with their marketing to continue to reap returns from your advertising spend. Search engine marketing is the most effective way to gain traction and bring in business when times are hard.

We’ve seen this before in the recession in 2009, and it will continue to be true in 2020 and beyond. Put your business in the position to win more business and grow by getting your search engine marketing working for your business.

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