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4 ways ‘boring’ industries can add personality to their website

Posted on 9th September, 2016 by ffsocialteam

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Unfortunately, not every business is blessed with being part of a ‘sexy’ industry. If you belong to popular sectors like travel, home decor or food and drink, then creating an exciting website doesn’t seem so daunting.

However, if your company is in a more niche, and dare we say ‘boring’ sector, the inspiration for engaging web content is harder to find. One of the best ways to keep your customers coming back is to make sure your website oozes personality — and we’ve picked out 4 pointers that will transform your site from drab to fab.

Give customers a sneak peek into your business culture

It’s human nature to be nosey, so giving customers an insight into business culture will make your brand relatable. And if you’re thinking ‘no one will be interested in what goes in my organisation’, think again.

You’ve only got to look at the British Gas’ blog to see how a ‘dull’ industry can create content that humanises a brand. Topics covered include apprenticeships, employee volunteering and supporting regeneration projects — all of which cast the company in a positive, community-focused light.


Building a personal brand is key if you want your businesses to identify with your customers.

Transform information into impressive visuals

Let’s be honest, if information is presented as lengthy blocks of text, your audience will give up reading – whereas if you produce something that communicates facts and figures in a visually stimulating way, their interest will be piqued. And what’s more, Hubspot reported that content with relevant images can receive up to 94% more views than content without images.

A fantastic example of captivating visual content comes from No Nonsense Insurance. They created an infographic showing the effects of listening to music whilst driving.


Whilst this study is certainly more interesting than car insurance comparisons, it’s not necessarily content that would instantly grab your attention if it was written as a bog-standard blog. However, the visual presentation makes it enjoyable to look at, whilst making the findings easy to digest.

Ditch the jargon

If you’re speaking to your customers in a language they don’t understand, they’ll switch off and become disengaged.

To make your brand personable, content must be succinct and easy for your customers to comprehend.


Dropbox do clear, concise copy very well. Their homepage tells users exactly how their service will make life easier for them — without a single tech-y term in sight.

Tell stories

Stories ignite emotions — and connecting with your customers on an emotional level is a powerful way to keep them interested in your brand and website.

One company that has hit the nail on the head when it comes to storytelling is Maersk. Their site features a fascinating timeline that documents milestones in the shipping, trade and energy industries across the decades.


Not only does the timeline take visitors on a journey through history, it also injects some fun into their website.

No matter how mundane your industry is, it’s easy to create a website that gives your brand character and personality. The more you can resonate with your target audience through your web content, the more impressions and conversion you’ll see — and you’ll also build on your company’s reputation as being trustworthy.

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