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How to convert more clicks into customers

Posted on 24th October, 2018 by Richard Hassall

Web Design

A landing page is a necessity for all types of advertising. Whether you run a Google Ads campaign, an advert on Facebook or a simple email marketing campaign, a landing page helps you tailor your message to your target audience and convert more clicks into customers. In this article, we’ll take a look at some powerful techniques you can use to help improve your landing pages and boost your conversion rates.

Split testing

One of the most important rules when making changes to landing pages is to use split testing to test your variations. This means that your original page should be tested against new variations to see which performs best. Ideally, you should only make single changes for each variation as changing too many things at once can make it hard to figure out which of the changes was responsible for a conversion lift or drop.

Before you begin making changes to your landing pages it’s worth assessing what is currently working and what elements of your pages you feel could be improved. Once you have a list of ideas you’ll want to start by split testing these. You can hypothesise that changing your call to action text will improve conversions but without testing this properly you’ll never know.

Use video to engage

If a picture is worth a thousand words then surely a video is worth at least ten thousand. Videos engage in a way that text and images simply can’t. Want to show off your product or service? A video offers the perfect opportunity to do just that in an easy to digest format that your customers will love.

Use video to tell a story and show off features, benefits or even examples of your work. Throw in some customer testimonials and you’ve got a recipe for landing page success.

Create compelling content

If you want customers to convert on your landing pages then you need to create content that is targeted to your audience. And while your normal website pages need to appeal to a wide range of people, your landing pages can be a lot more focused on individual buyer personas to create a message that engages them. Remember to also match up your content with your advertising for a seamless transition from your adverts to your landing page.

As well as tailoring your content don’t forget to split test your headlines and use powerful and emotive words to help them gain more traction. CoShedule’s Headline Analyzer is a great tool that can help you write powerful headlines.

Make your CTA stand out

Don’t create an awesome landing page and then forget about the all-important call to action button. You’d be surprised at how many businesses just use the default “Submit” text on their buttons. The call to action needs to make people want to click and take action and also help inform them what will happen next. Take a look at the example below, which would you be more likely to engage with?

As well as the text on your buttons make sure that the colours stand out and don’t blend in and get lost on your page. Another tip is to use multiple calls to action on your pages at the top, middle and bottom of the page to help make it easier for your customers to take action when they have read enough.

Make your pricing obvious

If you offer a fixed price service then make sure that you show this to your customers. Having your pricing on show acts to pre-qualify your customers making it easier to close potential customers as they already know how much your services cost. Another tactic that you can use to help get more conversions is to use tiered pricing with a basic, standard and advanced package. Most customers will choose the standard package as the happy medium between basic and advanced.


Add value to your thank you page

Many businesses forget that the thank you page can also be an opportunity to sell additional products or services or give potential customers further information to help them choose your business. Remember that for service related enquiries your customers will likely contact your competitors so offer extra value that will help them remember your business.


Not all of the tips above will work for your business so remember to test different things to see what works for you. Always make sure that you properly test variations by running either A/B tests or multivariate tests to see which landing page variants perform best for your business. We’d love to hear your tips in the comments below for improving your conversion rates.

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