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Why social media listening is so important for businesses

Posted on 31st January, 2018 by Gavin OCallaghan

Social Media

First off let’s start off by defining social media listening. Essentially it is monitoring online media platforms for mentions of your business, brand, products or services. These platforms can include social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as well as blogs, forums, review sites and other online platforms.

So now you know what social media listening is let’s take a look at why you need to be using it for your business.

Customer service

One of the biggest reasons to use social media listening is to show your customers that you care and that you are willing to go above and beyond to provide great customer service. When people are unhappy they take to social media to complain and vent their frustration. By actively monitoring mentions of your company name, brand or products you can tackle these complaints head on and in a very timely manner.

Because social media channels are a public forum other people will be able to see that you care and are taking steps to resolve the problem. Your brand tone of voice will be visible in your response and while the problem is made public so is your solution. Tacking complaints in a timely manner will help show customers that you care about their business.

By responding to complaints you can help turn a customer’s negative experience into a positive one and turn them into an advocate for your company. After all, customers are much more likely to recommend a business that has gone the extra mile to put things right.

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Analyse the competition

Because social platforms are public you can take a look at how your competitors are using these channels and how their customers are responding which can give ideas of pain point to focus on. As well as highlighting potential failings you can also get an idea of what your competitors do well and things that their customers positively respond to.

Don’t aim to copy their strategy completely but do take ideas from things that they are doing well and then look to make these better.

Developing customer relationships

Social channels are the place to engage with existing and potential customers and build valuable relationships with them. By listening for mentions of your brand or business you can thank them personally for any positive mentions of brands and products and even offer them vouchers or codes to help turn them into brand advocates.

Brand advocates are loyal customers who stick with and defend your brand and these customers are invaluable. Sharing their content and mentioning them in posts will help your business reach a larger audience and get more engagement while also influencing more potential customers.

Generate Leads

Monitoring the right keywords can help your business to generate new leads for your business. People go online to ask questions and find information and this is especially true of social media, blogs and forums. This gives your business plenty of opportunities to reach out and engage with customers online.

At this stage, you need to use the soft sell approach but strategies that tend to work well are offering free trials, discount codes or other incentives for customers to choose your brand.

Social listening is a necessity in the modern age and one that can help your business to stand out from your competitors and win more business. Make sure your business is in touch with customers by monitoring social channels for relevant keywords and brand mentions.

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