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How to improve your organic reach on Facebook’s news feed

Posted on 13th March, 2018 by Gavin OCallaghan

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Like Google, Facebook is always looking to update and improve their algorithm to provide a better experience for their users. But the recent update to the news feed to prioritise posts that create meaningful conversations, especially from family and friends, is making it harder for businesses to reach their audiences. In this article, we’ll look at some tactics and strategies you can use to improve the organic reach of your Facebook posts.

The recent changes to the algorithm are designed to use signals that favour active interactions such as comments and shares as opposed to passive signals such as clicks, views or watching. Posts that spark conversation and get comments and shares will perform better than those that don’t. This doesn’t mean that you should start comment bating as this will lead to your posts being demoted in the news feed.

So, now that we know the most important ranking factors let’s take a look at what businesses and brands can do to get more people to interact with their Facebook posts.

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Create comment worthy content

The focus needs to be on creating content that people care about and that will make them care enough to comment or share your content. Simply getting someone to like or react to your post is not enough. Your content needs an emotional hook that will make your audience take action and actively engage with your post, share with their friends and comment. Some of the best ways to do this are to think of your audience and ask yourself the following questions:

  • What motivates your audience?
  • What frustrations does your audience have?
  • What topics spark conversation in your niche?
  • What’s most important to your audience?


Understanding what motivates, frustrates and is important to your audience will help you create content that they’ll want to share and engage with.

Focus on formats that drive interactions

Some formats are better than others at driving meaningful interactions and sparking comments. Perhaps the best example of this is Facebook live video. Live videos are a great way to engage with your audience and this format has been shown to get more shares, comments and views than other forms of media. It is a very interactive format which lets you have conversations with your followers and connect with the people that care most.

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Once you start your broadcast remember to introduce yourself at several points during your broadcast as new viewers could be joining at any point. Actively engage with commenters and read out some of their comments as well as answering any questions they are asking. Have someone else on a desktop computer responding to comments as when broadcasting it can be easy to miss these.

With live video, we’d recommend broadcasting for at least 10 minutes to give followers enough time to tune in to your broadcast. As more people comment, like and share your video you’ll have more chance of people finding your video and sharing it with their friends.

Use Facebook Groups to build a community

Facebook Groups are used by millions of people all over the world and thanks to an update last year business pages can now create their own Facebook Groups. These micro-communities are a great way to start conversations within your community and engage your audience. With the ability to start group chats, host events and create a more personal connection, groups are a powerful tool for businesses.

These strategies should help you get more visibility for your Facebook posts and help you reach more followers. If you want to succeed on Facebook then you need to make sure that the content you share has the power to start conversations and get your followers talking.

We’d love to hear your tips and strategies for boosting organic reach on Facebook so please feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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