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6 ways to engage customers on social media and provide great customer service

Posted on 21st July, 2017 by gregdoyle

Social Media

For small, medium and large businesses social media offers a great way to connect and engage with customers and build brand awareness and brand loyalty. One thing that a lot of small and medium businesses forget is that social media is a great channel for delivering a great customer service. And as a small or medium sized business, you have direct control over the customer experience meaning you’re probably already doing a lot of things right. So let’s take a look at how you can build on this and use social media to your advantage.

1.     Use the same platforms as your customers

This one may sound obvious but it’s amazing the number of businesses which don’t have any form of presence on the most relevant platform for their customer base. This may be Houzz for an interior design business, Instagram for a makeup artist or Facebook for a local barber shop, knowing your audience will help you connect with the right people.

2.     Monitor mentions

If you’re looking for opportunities to improve customer service then monitoring mentions of your business is a great place to start. For this to be successful you need to look beyond the notifications and messages in your Twitter account and actively search for mentions of your business name and any associated terms. You can use tools such as Mention to setup alerts for new mentions and help engage with customers who mention your business.

3.     Respond quickly

A timely response on social media is critical as it shows that your business cares about its customers. When messages and comments are left unanswered for days on end it reflects poorly on your business. For negative feedback, this is even more important as you need to show that your business is being proactive.


4.     Take responsibility

Because social media is an open platform it is easy for customers to post comments when they have a bad experience. Taking responsibility for this and any problems whether they are the fault of your business or not will help to show potential customers you care. When possible you should try and move the specifics into more private communication channels but always make sure you post updates on how you resolved the problem.

5.     Be proactive

Customer service isn’t just limited to dealing with negative comments and posts; by being proactive you can communicate with your social followers and connect on a human level with them. Asking questions, running competitions and encouraging social sharing will help you be proactive and build customer and loyalty for your business.

6.     Small things matter

Being willing to go the extra mile for your customers means you’ll reap the rewards on social media. It’s often small things that matter the most so, for example, a simple hand written thank you note that you place in your customer’s bag can help customers know that you care. Another example of going the extra mile would be when someone mentions your business on social media then getting in touch to offer them a discount or other little reward.

By going the extra mile you can help turn your customers into brand ambassadors who will help to spread the word about your business. If your business is looking for ways to improve its customer service then make sure you’re using social media as part of this strategy.

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