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4 sure fire tips to make your Facebook advertising more effective

Posted on 4th July, 2017 by gregdoyle

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Whether you’re new to Facebook advertising or have been using it for years there are some simple ways that you can help make your adverts more effective and reach the right audience. With over 2 billion daily users, Facebook gives advertisers access to an unparalleled number of people. In this article, we’ll cover 4 ways that you can make your adverts more targeted and improve the effectiveness of your Facebook advertising.

#1 Choose the right objective

For small businesses picking the right objective for a Facebook campaign can seem like a minefield. Without the brand recognition of larger businesses, you face an uphill struggle when trying to reach a new audience and build awareness in your brand. With this in mind, there are a couple of objectives that you might want to focus on if you don’t already have a strong following on Facebook.


Brand Awareness

As the name suggests the Brand Awareness objective is all about getting your adverts out to the right people to raise awareness of your business and brand. This focuses on people that are likely to be interested in what your business does.


A step up the ladder from awareness is consideration and there are several campaign objectives that can help you to achieve this. Perhaps one of the easiest for brands to utilise is an Engagement campaign as this aims to target people who are most likely to engage with your adverts.

Video Views

If you already have some good resources and videos that showcase your brand or business then a Video Views campaign is a great match for you. From customer success stories and behind-the-scenes footage to product launches, the video views objective can help you entice new users.

#2 Use targeting to refine your audience

To help your advert reach the right people you need to make sure that you are effectively targeting your adverts and narrowing your target audience. With over 2 billion active daily users it’s all too easy to make the mistake of being too broad with your targeting. Not only will your adverts fail to resonate with your audience but you’ll also be paying for the privilege. Here are some top tips to help you refine your audience.


For most small businesses location targeting is a great way to target users in your local area who are likely interested in your services. Showing your adverts only to people in your local area can help to influence their decision to click on your advert. Another way to help improve the relevance of your advert is by including your store location in your advert e.g. “Visit our Manchester shop” in your advert text helps users see that you’re located near them.

Age and Gender

Do you know who your target customer is? Chances are you have some form of insight and can break down who your ideal customer is by age and gender. So for example, if you’re a local plumbing business then your ideal customer might be male or female and aged between 25 and 55. Using this information you can add this targeting into your campaign to help to narrow down your target audience.

Behaviours, Interests and Demographics

To further improve the targeting of your adverts you’ll want to specify the interests, behaviours and demographics of your ideal customer. There are thousands of ways you can match people from generic interests to more specific behaviours and demographics. You can also further narrow your list of people by selecting the Narrow Audience or Exclude People option.


#3 Send people to relevant landing pages

Time and time again we see a great advert being let down by a poor website experience. If you’ve managed to entice people to engage and click on your advert then you need to make sure that you are following up on their expectations by sending them to a relevant landing page on your website. So if you’re selling blue widgets then you want to be sending people to a page on your site about blue widgets and not the homepage.

Your landing page should have a strong headline that is clear and concise and informs visitors what the page is about. Ideally, the headline should be focused on the outcome and you should also have a subheading to back this up and give further information. A strong call to action should also be placed above the fold.

#4 Use a special offer to entice users

Everybody loves a special offer and the feeling of getting a great deal so make sure that your adverts include an offer that customers will find too good to miss. Don’t forget to make your offer time sensitive as well for maximum impact. From a simple discount code to offering free delivery, using a special offer in your advert can help you convert more customers, boost your sales and incentivise users to click on your adverts.

If you’re running several campaigns on different platforms make sure that you can attribute any sales to the right source by using platform specific discount codes e.g. FB10 for a 10% discount on Facebook and AW10 for a 10% discount on Ads. Facebook Pixel tracking will also help you get further information about your sales and allow you to create future audiences to target people who have purchased on your website as well as those who have added items to their cart and not purchased.

By following these tips you’ll be able to make your adverts more targeted and get a better return on investment from your Facebook advertising. We’d love to hear your thoughts or any tips you have so please feel free to share these in the comments section below.

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