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SEOcial: Your SEO and social summary #46

Posted on 18th November, 2016 by Greg Doyle

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In the news this week: A man dives into the Guinness Book Of Records with his 75 meter bungee dunk of a chocolate hobnob in a cup of tea and cockatoos have stunned researchers in Oxford and Vienna with their impressive problem solving skills. Away from bungee jumping and animals there were also a number of articles from the world of SEO and social media that got our attention this week.

Google and Facebook aim to cut revenue streams for fake news sites

Both Google and Facebook are taking steps to address the challenge of fake news sites after growing concerns following the outcome of the US election. This policy change from Google will stop sites that display fake news from monetising their website by using their AdSense platform. Facebook has made a similar change to prohibit sites that feature illegal or deceptive content from using its ads.

Additional targeting coming to custom audiences

A new targeting option has been added to Facebook’s custom audiences to reach “everyone who engaged with your page”. The audiences can include everyone who has engaged in various ways up to 365 days prior meaning you can target anyone who has engaged during that time period.

Show your reaction with facial gestures

Facebook has acquired a Carnegie Mellon University spinoff company called FacioMetrics which means that in the future you could share your reactions on Facebook with a simple facial gesture. This is probably a long way off but one area where this facial recognition is already being used is in the use of Facebook and Snapchat selfie masks to trigger animated effects such as raising eyebrows or opening your mouth in shock.

Twitter launches QR codes

It seems that no social network is safe from having its ideas borrowed by competitors with Snapchat the latest donor for Twitter’s new QR code feature for users’ profiles. This works the same way that Snapchat’s Snapcodes do and lets users quickly post a QR code of their profile. This feature can be found by clicking the menu in users’ profiles.

One inbox to rule them all

With so many ways for customers to interact with businesses it’s becoming increasingly difficult for companies to manage the different communication channels and stay on top of things. With this in mind Facebook is making it possible to link Facebook, Messenger and Instagram accounts together and manage them from a single inbox. From replying to Facebook comments and visitor posts to messages and Instagram comments, all of these can be done direct from the new combined inbox.

Facebook creates Community Help tool

A new tool on Facebook aims to help users receive and provide help in the wake of a crisis or disaster. The tool called Community Help is tied to the Safety Check feature and is activated once you mark yourself as safe. You’ll be able to Find Help as well as providing help to others that have been affected. The new tool is set to be launched in January 2017 and comes at the same time as a shirt in Facebook’s Safety Check feature which is now completely community triggered rather than being activated by Facebook.

WhatsApp bringing video calling to all users

WhatsApp has moved even further into becoming an all-in-one communications platform with the rollout of its video calling feature to all users. To make a video call all you need to do is open up a chat and hit the video camera icon. And because WhatsApp works across devices and platform it means that Android users will finally be able to make video calls with iPhone users through the platform.

More errors found in Facebook’s ad metrics

Following errors in reporting earlier this year Facebook has admitted that some more bugs and errors in its system have led to misreporting. The company is now putting several new measures into place to fix these errors as well as bringing in outside groups and using more third-party verification. One of the new introductions will be a Measurement Council which will consist of advertising clients and measurement companies to help it make its metrics more public.

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