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SEOcial: Your SEO and social media summary #56

Posted on 3rd March, 2017 by ffsocialteam

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Fast-food lovers had reason to be excited this week as McDonalds announced that it’s looking to extend its delivery service to the UK. What could be better than having your favourite dose of greasy goodness delivered straight to your door?

There was also a head-in-hands moment at the Oscars this week when La La Land was mistakenly named as the Best Picture – when in fact it was Moonlight that had been awarded the iconic gold statue. Cringe!

In case you’ve missed them, here are some of the biggest SEO and social media stories of the past 7 days.

All businesses can run ads in Instagram Stories

Back in January, we reported that full-screen ads were coming to Instagram Stories — but at the time, the feature was only being tested by some of world’s biggest brands (such as Nike and Airbnb).

instagram app

However, all companies will now be able to run ads in Stories. You’ll be able to use targeting capabilities to ensure your ads are seen by the maximum number of relevant users — and have the option of controlling how often people see your ads.

Airbnb had great success during the testing period. They ran a series of 15-second videos to create a buzz around ‘Experiences on Airbnb’, and saw a double-digit point increase in ad recall. Will your business will be trying out this new advertising feature?

Twitter gives users more control over notifications and content

On Wednesday, Twitter unveiled three new notifications filters, which allow users to mute notifications from accounts without a profile picture, verified phone number or verified email address.

Changes were also made to give people more control over the content they view in their feed – if there are certain words or phrases you don’t want to come across, you can add them to your muted word list and you’ll no longer see Tweets containing them on your timeline.

Periscope launches closed groups and group invites

This week, Periscope introduced two updates for the groups feature in its mobile app, as a result of user feedback. Users can now create closed groups where only the creator can add or remove members — and there’s also the option to turn off the auto-accept for group invites.


Price extensions on Google Ads are to be rolled out to all devices

Google Ads is set to launch price extensions on all devices, including desktop – which is good news for Ecommerce sites. Thanks to the new feature, your customers will easily be able to compare your products and prices no matter what device they’re using to search from.


Bing Ads Editor is now available globally for Mac

Want to manage Bing Ads campaigns on your Mac? Well, now you can due to the global release which happened earlier this week. The feature was in fact the most requested item on the Bing Ads Feature Suggestion Forum.

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