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SEOcial: Your SEO and social media summary #52

Posted on 3rd February, 2017 by ffsocialteam

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There was bad news for people who are still sticking to their New Year’s resolution of healthy eating this week, as a ‘vegetable crisis’ hit the UK’s supermarkets. Stores have been rationing stocks of lettuces, cucumbers, courgettes and aubergines after bad weather in Spain severely affected supplies. We may as well all just embrace #FatFriday and gorge on pizza and chips instead.

Whilst you’re indulging in a tasty treat or two, why not catch up on what’s gone on in the world of SEO and social media over the last 7 days?

Animated GIFs can now be used in Facebook video ads

Brands can now get even more creative with video ads on Facebook, as they can now include animated GIFs in their campaigns.

A couple of other tweaks in Facebook Ads manager also came into effect — a new date comparison feature lets users see results from different date ranges, and there’s also the option to create graphs showing estimated reach and ad spend. These simple changes will help businesses better monitor the success of their paid ads.

Pinterest’s paid search ads are available to more advertisers

Pinterest’s 150 million users are conducting a whopping 2 billion searches every month — and most of these searches are for products and services. It’s no surprise then that the online ideas catalogue is making its first paid search product available to more advertisers.


Keyword campaigns will work in a similar way to traditional PPC campaigns, with users being in control of the targeting, budget and creative. Just like on Facebook and Twitter, advertisers can pay for impressions, pin clicks and engagement.

There will also be the option to run shopping campaigns, which will be created automatically from your product inventory.

Google wants to re-write your Ads

In a new test program called Ads Added by AdWords (try saying that after a few drinks!), Google produces variations of your ads and sets them live. According to Google, adding more ads to ad groups can improve performance by 5 – 15%.


The email sent to the those who took part in the pilot program stated that ‘ads will be created based on information you’ve provided in your existing ads, such as your headlines, description, ad extensions or information found on your ads’ landing page’.

Although you can pause or remove ads written by the program, Google sets all ads live rather than saving them as a draft — which is bad news if you have a client who requests to approve all campaigns first. Could this be the future of PPC?

Facebook’s algorithm updates aim to give users more relevant feeds

Updates to Facebook’s News Feed algorithm will help show users stories that are the most relevant to them. New signals will help to rank and identify authentic content, reducing the amount of misleading, sensational and spammy stories appearing on our News Feeds.


The algorithm will pick up on a range of signals, such as how close you are to the person or page posting and how much engagement the post has received. There will also be more of a focus on real-time signals — so if your favourite football team has just won a match, you’ll now be more likely to see posts relating to it higher up your News Feed.

We could soon be able to post multiple photos in a single Instagram post

It seems Instagram has been beta-testing the ability to use multiple photos in one post within the Android app.


Users with access to the feature could select up to 10 photos and add their chosen filters — then upload them as an album within a single post. If you’re a keen Instagrammer, is this a feature that you would use?

Changes to Facebook’s image search

Kudos to Facebook’s artificial intelligence team — they have built a genius visual search system that recognises content within a photo and returns relevant search results.


Named Lumos, the system can detect and segment objects, places, animals and clothing — so if you search for the Eiffel Tower, Lumos will see any photos containing the iconic landmark even if no tags are used. Facebook will then return relevant and diverse search results to the user.

New IF functions in Google Ads improve ad customisation

Customising ads to suit your customer base has got easier, thanks to new IF functions in Google Ads which allow ad text to be customised based on specific parameters.

For example, if it’s a new customers, ads for introductory promotions will show — whereas if it’s a returning customers, ads promoting your loyalty program will show instead. The IF functions will help to maximise ROI for retailers by making ad targeting more relevant.

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