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SEOcial: Your SEO and social media summary #50

Posted on 20th January, 2017 by ffsocialteam

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Excitement built among tech-lovers this week as more reports about the iPhone 8 surfaced. If rumours are to be believed, the new smartphone is set to feature face recognition, gesture control and a ‘wraparound’ OLED display. Sounds fancy, doesn’t it? The iPhone 8 marks the company’s 10th anniversary of its iconic handset.

Stepping away from Apple, here are some of the biggest social media and SEO stories from the past week.

Video advertising could be about to change on Snapchat

Snapchat is pitching a new ads package known as ‘sequenced messaging’ — this will let advertisers run consecutive video ads within its ‘Discover’ section to tell a sequential story.


The package is only available directly through Snapchat, but expect to pay a premium price for this new feature.

You can now schedule when ad extensions are displayed in Bing Ads

There’s good news this week if you use Bing Ads. You now have the ability to control when Bing ad extensions show up in search — and by selecting optimum times, you can reduce the amount of wasted clicks. This new update is particularly useful if you regularly promote time-sensitive offers, such as happy hours and flash sales.

Twitter is saying goodbye to its buy button

Debuted in 2014, Twitter’s ‘buy’ button has been an important feature for online retailers who use the Twitter sales channel — but it seems the social networking site is now shying away from its E-commerce focus.


It’s reported that Twitter’s ‘donate’ button won’t be affected by the change.

Google+ is getting an overhaul

Along with Twitter’s ‘buy’ button, it’s time to wave a fond farewell to Google+ — or at least the one we all know and love. The classic Google+ is being retired on Tuesday, paving the way for a shiny new version that will automatically hide low-quality comments, let you create events and give you the option to zoom in on photos.

The search engine giant is welcoming feedback, so if there any specific features or updates you’d like to see on Google+, be sure to let them know.

Instagram introduces insights to its Stories feature

Last week, we mentioned that full-screen ads are coming to Instagram Stories — and now insights will be a part of Instagram Business Tools.


Business account holders will be able to see the impressions, reach and replies of each of their Stories, which is hoped will help brands to create better content and improve their engagement rates.

Google’s new online search app lets you do offline searches

There’s nothing worse than losing your internet connection just as you’re about to do a Google search, is there? However, that problem will be a thing of the past with the new Android search app.

pexels-photo (6) - Copy

If you’re offline for whatever reason, you’ll still be able to search — but you won’t actually get the results until the internet connection is restored. This might seem like a catch, but it allegedly doesn’t use up any more data or battery.

LinkedIn’s desktop interface gets a redesign

It seems it’s ‘new year, new look’ for LinkedIn. Its desktop interface has had a refresh, and it’s no surprise that content and recruitment are at the forefront of the change. The new interface focuses on content and conversation, and the company have acknowledged that it’s the ‘largest desktop redesign since LinkedIn’s inception’.


When users log in, they’ll get a tailored feed based on their specific interests and needs. And whenever they publish content, they’ll be able to see what type of person is reading (and where they work). Searching the network has got easier as well, with a single search bar that enables users to find whatever they need – from people, to jobs, to groups.

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