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SEOcial: Your SEO and social media summary #42

Posted on 9th September, 2016 by Greg Doyle

social media and seo news

So team GB is off to a flying start already in the Paralympic Games in Rio and apparently Apple has launched a new phone, just don’t mention the headphones. Also in the news this week Giant Pandas have been removed from the wildlife endangered list. Moving onto SEO and social media there were a couple of articles that grabbed our attention this week and they are summarised below.

Linkedin conversion tracking

Starting now you can now measure the effectiveness and performance from your Linkedin adverts directly by using conversion tracking. By adding the conversion tracking code to your website you’ll be able to optimise adverts and make sure your campaigns are delivering a positive ROI. You can even see when someone has converted after just viewing your advert without clicking through to your site.

Facebook helping businesses target a global audience

Businesses can now use a new feature on Facebook to help them target customers in new countries who are similar to existing customers. Using the Lookalike Audiences tool businesses can upload a list of existing customers to target similar customers in foreign countries. As well as this for those with website conversion or mobile app install goals they can use expanded location targeting to select a worldwide region. Facebook will automatically optimise delivery to the countries with the greatest return.

Updates coming to Twitter direct messages

Read receipts, typing indicators and web link previews are all coming to Twitter’s direct messages in an attempt to take on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. And seeing as mobile messaging apps have become so popular this is a positive move by Twitter. The changes have had mixed reviews with read receipts being the most talked about feature.

Instagram launching iPhone 7 features

Everyone loves a good GIF and we’re no different which is why we love the new features that let you turn iPhone live photos into Boomerangs GIFs. The new updates will also take advantage of the optical zoom on the iPhone 7 Plus with the ability to drag to zoom in and out and haptic feedback will help you know just how zoomed in you are.

Google’s latest update not Penguin

There was a lot of noise in the SEO community in the past week following some big ranking changes spotted by businesses. Despite the chatter Google’s John Mueller stated that the update on Friday the 2nd of September was not related to the Penguin algorithm. We still think that it is only a matter of time till we see the next Penguin update as it is now unbelievably nearly 2 years since the last Penguin update.



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