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SEOcial: Your SEO and social summary #40

Posted on 19th August, 2016 by Greg Doyle

social media and seo news

With some truly great performances by Team GB at the Rio Olympics, Great Britain is currently sitting in second position on the medal table — already beating the medal tally from the London Olympics. Hopefully our great athletes have inspired the next generation of Olympians to chase their dreams of future success.

Stepping away from the games, let’s take a look at some of this week’s top SEO and social media stories.

Google throttling keyword planner data

Following the recent issues with Google Ads keyword planner, there have now been some big changes with Ads accounts. Users with low spend will now only see broad data ranges for keyword search volumes.


To be able to see highly accurate data, you will need to have an active Ads account (aka you will need to increase your spend). Exactly what Google means by a low level of spend is unclear at the moment.

Event videos coming to Instagram

A new events video channel is coming to the explore tab on Instagram. Showing videos from live events like concerts and sporting events, the push is an attempt to join the live-streaming craze.

The content is personalised for users based on the accounts that they follow. The channel aims to collect the best videos from around the world and help you feel as if you were there on the front row. The updates are only available in the US at the moment, but will be rolled out around the world soon.

Promoted video comes to Pinterest

With over 100 million monthly users, Pinterest is the perfect platform for people to discover new things and get inspiration — and video helps bring ideas to life.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

With a 60% increase in videos in the past year alone, Pinterest has now launched a new feature to get excited about called Promoted Video. Promoted Video has been combined with featured Pins below the video, which allow you to show users products that are featured in your video for them to buy online.

Instagram copies Snapchat (again)

Whatever Snapchat can do, Instagram can copy — and so it seems with the latest feature updates to Instagram Stories.

Now users can zoom with one hand while recording their videos, and also switch from the front to the back camera on their phones. While imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, we’re not sure that Snapchat would agree on this occasion.

Twitter jumps on branded sticker wagon

Rather than driving forward with original innovation, Twitter always seems to be jumping on the bandwagon of successes on other platforms — and the latest feature launch is no different.

Promoted stickers are the new feature to appear on Twitter, and brands can design four or eight stickers for users to add to their photos. All photos that feature the brand’s stickers are shared with all of a user’s followers. Judging by the success on other platforms, we’d say that promoted stickers are likely to prove popular on Twitter as well.

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