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SEOcial: Your weekly SEO and social summary #33

Posted on 1st July, 2016 by Greg Doyle

social media and seo news

Well, this week has certainly been interesting from a political standpoint with both the Labour and Conservative parties seemingly in turmoil following the EU referendum. Luckily the world of SEO and social media has been a bit calmer and so below are some of the most relevant stories from the week.

Pinterest launching camera search

Ever seen a photo on Pinterest of something and wondered where you can buy it? Well thanks to a new visual search button you’ll soon be able to do just that. Now when a user opens a photo on Pinterest it will automatically detect objects that it thinks it recognises and will show dots on the screen for these objects. When users tap on the dots it will launch a visual search for similar products to the item selected. This will bring online searching a lot more in line with the way we shop on the high street and is an exciting development.

Buyable pins coming to Pinterest

Why go into town and the high street when you can browse the shops from the comfort of your sofa by using Pinterest. The social platform has launched the option of buyable pins as well as an all-platform shopping bag where you will be able to add items from as many different merchants as you want and then check out whenever you are ready. If you have your checkout information stored you’ll be just a couple of taps away from placing your order.

Introducing Twitter Dashboard

Twitter Dashboard is a new app that is aimed at businesses to help them engage and connect with their customers. This free tool will let businesses schedule Tweets, measure the performance of their Tweets and get inspiration with tips geared for businesses. Trends are a noticeable exclusion in the new app which is a pity as this sacrifices the opportunity to engage in real-time conversations with customers.



#Stickers coming to Twitter

Twitter is finally jumping on the sticker bandwagon and letting users add stickers to pictures and videos that they upload. Once you have added stickers to a photo your image will become searchable in a new spin on the hashtag, when you tap on a sticker you will see a new timeline seeing how other people have used the same sticker.

Facebook puts friends above publishers in News Feed

Facebook is publishing a formal News Feed Values document that will make it clear what shows up in your feed and how this is decided. The core values remain and there will be a change to the ranking algorithm that literally means that friends and family will come first in terms of News Feed rankings. This means that it could become even harder for businesses to get their content seen on Facebook without paying to advertise.

Possible Google algorithm update

Drop in rankings or sudden increase in your rankings? It could be down to a potential algorithm update in June. The algorithm update seems to have affected sites with a low quality and may be related to either Panda or potentially other quality signals. Websites that have lost out seem to be ones with thin content, a high proportion of paid adverts and sites with indexing issues. The update has not been confirmed by Google but could be a refresh of their Panda algorithm which is now part of their core ranking algorithm.

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