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SEOcial: Your SEO and social media summary #31

Posted on 10th June, 2016 by Greg Doyle

social media and seo news

So Euro 2016 is finally under way but can England progress past the group stages or are we destined for even more years of hurt. In this bumper news week there are plenty of social media and SEO news stories that grabbed our attention so sit back, relax and enjoy the roundup of the best bits.

Post to News Feed but not Timeline

Ever wanted to post to your News Feed on Facebook without having the post appear on your Timeline? Well this feature could be coming soon. Users already have the ability to remove posts from their timelines via the Activity Log but this new feature could put the option directly on the post making it even easier to post only to the News Feed.

Snapchat updates Discover and Live Stories

Following on from last week’s redesign news, Snapchat has confirmed rumours by launching the redesigned Discover and Live Stories section of their app. As reported the new design features a tile design to bring a more visual appeal to the section. In the Stories page users will see a colourful feed that is mixed with articles, videos and delicious recipes. A subscribe button on publisher channels will also push stories to users Stories page from that publisher.


Branded content still hit or miss on Snapchat

Advertisers and publishers are still in the dark about what is and isn’t allowed with regard to branded or promotional content on Snapchat. With no formal program it is often hit or miss as to what gets past Snapchat’s censors. As there are no consistent guidelines and some brands featuring prominently, advertisers are stuck in a grey area when it comes to trying to post promotional material.

Paid search adverts coming to Apples App Store

It looks like Apple is going to start a paid search advert service for the App Store which will help app developers get more visibility for their products. There is also speculation around a new app-subscription revenue sharing model where developers will be encouraged to use a subscription model.

Dark social content sharing increasing

Dark social sharing is on the increase as more and more content on mobile is shared through messaging, email or text applications rather than social media sites. This gives publishers a problem as it makes it a lot more difficult to measure referral traffic and see what sources of traffic work best for them.

LinkedIn adds new features to personalised insights

LinkedIn adds some new functionality and personalised insights to help users in the job-seeking process. Some of the new features include recommended jobs based on experience and skills where users would be in the top 50 percent of applicants. LinkedIn will also highlight companies that are expanding rapidly in similar professions to give users more insight into businesses that they might want to look to join.


Easily embed Twitter timelines

Twitter has just made it a lot easier to embed a timeline on your website. Through the oEmbed API you can publish thousands of timelines. Alternatively you can simply add a single timeline to your site by heading to and typing in the account name you want to embed. You can also customise how it will look using the built in code generator and copy the code to be pasted on your site. No more widget ID’s or logging in required, it really is simple.

Google testing filters on shopping adverts

It looks like Google is testing product filter buttons on shopping adverts with filters such as “In Store” to show local inventory ads as well as “Top Rated” and “Up To Price”. These will give customers more control and the In Store filters will help them see local stores that have the product they are looking for in stock.

More discreet notifications coming to Facebook

Spamming friends by tagging them in posts which end up on their profile page could be a thing of the past with the introduction of a new feature that could be coming to Facebook. The new notification setting would allow you to notify friends of a post rather than having to tag them in it. This will be particularly useful for sharing event announcements or funny videos with friends and gives a more discreet way of sharing posts with your friends.

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