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SEOcial: Your weekly SEO and social media summary #18

Posted on 5th February, 2016 by Greg Doyle

social media and seo news

Wow, we never saw the news about Matt LeBlanc as Top Gear co-host coming, neither for that matter the sudden obsession with rainbow coloured bagels. There were also some big news stories in SEO and social media that we didn’t see coming and we have rounded those up for you below.

Facebook to overhaul its news feed


Facebook is looking to change the way that its News Feed algorithm works to help improve the quality of the content that users see. Instead of gauging popularity based on interactions it is using feedback from surveys to help determine what articles users are interested in. This is just one of a long line of moves to keep more people in app on the social networking site.

Google’s head of search to leave

Google long standing head of search Amit Singhal is set to retire from the company at the end of February.  He has been a key player at Google and one of the main contributors in developing and shaping Google search over the years. After 15 years of service he is looking forward to spending more time with his family and seeing what impact he can make philanthropically.

Facebook turns 12


Wow, where has 12 years gone? To mark the occasion Facebook has introduced a new personalised video feature that it has called “Friends Day”. Similar to its year in review videos the new feature is to highlight special moments between friends that have been shared on the site. The feature will show at the top of your News Feed. Photos will automatically be added when you click on it but you can also edit the photos shown before sharing with friends.

Facebook pages get new message feature

Page administrators can now reply to comments on pages they manage with a private message. This is perfect for situations where users post a comment but you do not want to share the response on the public forum. Before this update administrators could only respond in the same way that users’ got in touch e.g. they could only post a reply to a comment with a comment. The update was launched on the 3rd of Feb and should allow page admins to respond to customers queries more easily.

Instagram increases video ad length

Instagram has doubled its video advert length this week from 30 seconds to a minute for businesses. The extended videos will offer advertisers more bang for their buck and there is potential for this to tie in with their Explore feature. With 400 million users, Instagram is becoming an increasingly attractive platform for advertisers.

Major updates to the Bing app


The Bing app is coming to the iPhone and the Android version is getting a major update. With a built-in-barcode scanner users will be able to quickly conduct price comparisons from within the app, as well as finding out if items are in stock. The app will also let shoppers see deals from nearby shops and will be able to download vouchers to redeem locally.


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