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How to reach page 1 results on a small budget

Posted on 10th October, 2015 by ffsocialteam

Search Engine Optimisation

‘I want to be on the first page of Google.’ A statement that most businesses request of any digital marketing campaign. But, is a page one ranking actually achievable or do you need to have a marketing budget the size of your annual turnover to launch your business to where you want to be?

The short answer is no, but no providing your SEO campaign is managed with finesse.


Navigating uncharted territory 

How often have you landed on a website, found what you’re looking for, only to be left frustrated with agonisingly long load times or broken links? Our guess is more than a few occasions.

When online, our attention spans seem to be almost non-existent. Studies indicate that visitors invest seconds to viewing an individual page. If you land on where you don’t want to be, will you stay? Probably not. If you land on a broken link, will you stay? Probably not either. You’ll go to a competitor.

Content, always content 

The quality of your content is what really counts.

How does this affect SMEs? Good content adds value. An understanding of who your customers are, where they are, and why they come to you will create an aura of a positive user-experience.

Think of your website as a chance to showcase of who you are and what you do. Will you entice customers and leapfrog the competition with uninspiring visuals and drab copy?

Hone in on the niche

Consumers are weary of the jack of all trades because the perception is that they’re a master of none. This is especially true of businesses that offer every home repair and renovation under the sun.

How does this affect search engine queries? Well, you’ll be climbing the keyword competition mountain. Optimising your website for a wide selection of keywords will mean that you’re competing against too many other businesses. Optimising your website for a few niche keywords will give you a much better chance of climbing to the top of the search engine mountain.

Don’t forget the neighbourhood

Local searches are getting more local. We’re not saying that people are searching for the shop next door, but people are searching for businesses closer to them than ever before.

Google is also getting better and better in identifying neighbourhoods across the globe. However, the success you have does depend on Google’s knowledge of your neighbourhood. Local SEO campaigns need to utilise the location that Google is most likely to know.

Get a name for yourself

In life you build a good reputation for yourself with authority and trust. The same can be said online.

SME’s don’t have the advantage of having comparable reputations to national or international Blue Chip businesses. However, they do have the opportunity of creating one.

Publishing and sharing content people want to read in the tone they want to read it regularly will see your reputation grow. Before you know where you are, you’ll be the authority and you’ll have the trust.

SEO consultants aren’t wizards. They won’t be able to wave a magic wand and launch your business to the top of the search rankings. However, what a good SEO agency will do is build a campaign tailored to your budget and, with the right strategies, allow you to compete with the big boys.

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