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SEO strategies you should implement during lockdown

Posted on 30th April, 2020 by Grant Johnson

Search Engine Optimisation

With the UK’s lockdown measures continuing for the foreseeable future we thought that we’d put together some strategies that you can be putting in place ready for when business goes back to normal. And, while people may not be spending as much on your products or services in the current climate, now is a great time to get your SEO working to help attract new customers.

Create an FAQ section

If you are looking to improve your local business rankings and show up in featured snippets sections in the search engines (and you should be), then a well optimised FAQ section is an easy to implement strategy. From Coronavirus specific questions and answers to long-tail keyword phrases, your FAQ page represents an opportunity for your business to create useful, informative and local content to help your users.

Useful information to include in your FAQs section might cover content relating to deliveries, opening hour changes, store restrictions in line with social distancing rules and other Covid-19 related queries that your customers may have.

Locally relevant information can include everything from nearby parking for bricks and mortar businesses to information on your returns policies as well as other business specific information. Where possible all content should be marked up using the FAQ Schema Markup as this will help the search engines process the data and show this in the search results as a snippet at the top of the page as can be seen in the example below:


Update your content strategy

Now is not the time to focus on hard selling your products and services. Instead, shift your content strategy towards creating useful content that is aimed towards helping your customers. There have been some great examples of this by the big brands in the past couple of weeks with some of our favourites including Ikea sharing the recipe for their Swedish meatballs, Joe Wicks now legendary kids workout sessions and McDonald’s giving away the secret to their beloved sausage and egg McMuffin and hash browns.

Posting regular, informative and keyword focused blog articles is also a great way to help your business improve its search engine rankings and drive more traffic to your website. With more time on your hands due to spending less time commuting you can get to work on creating valuable content for your business which will help to build long-term results.

Invest in video content

From social media and YouTube to your website and email campaigns, video content is on the rise and offers potential customers an easy way to discover more about your products and services. Video can be uploaded to your YouTube channel, posted on LinkedIn or shared on your Facebook or Instagram page to help engage new followers. Video is also a proven way to improve conversion rates on websites and landing pages and this is especially true for high ticket products. Most manufacturers have videos available of big price items so make sure to include these on your website to help you boost your sales.



During the lockdown you should be focusing on creating videos that address the needs, fears and issues of your customers and reassure them that your business is there to support them. Personal messages and videos from the company’s leadership team really go a long way to making your brand more human and relatable. And, the best thing – you don’t need any specialist equipment to record these types of videos, your smartphone camera should be good enough and videos can be edited for free on YouTube Studio – a basic built-in video editor on YouTube.

Focus on improving your website

Now is the time to focus on making the changes that you have been putting off on your website. From updating your site to a modern, mobile-friendly design to installing an SSL certificate on your hosting account, spending time on improving your website will help put your business in a stronger position when lockdown measures start to ease and ensure that when customers visit your website that they stick around instead of bouncing.

We hope that you’ve found these strategies helpful and we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have so feel free to get in touch using the comments section below.

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