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5 simple ways to boost SEO with existing content

Posted on 8th March, 2019 by Andrew Dutson

Search Engine Optimisation

It’s no secret that Google loves fresh, quality content when it comes to SEO, but that doesn’t mean old blogs, articles and product pages can’t positively influence your rankings.

Spending a bit of time updating existing content is a worthwhile investment to strengthen your company’s organic rankings – and we’ve picked out 5 easy tweaks that can make a world of difference.

1. Update your keyword research

The way your customers search is changing all the time, so although they’ll be seeking the same information, they’ll be using new keywords. According to Blue Nile Research, 50% of search queries are now 4 or more words long – so consider which long-tail phrases people could be searching for.

Conduct keyword research as if you were writing a brand new article, and if any crop up that don’t currently feature, add them in a way that reads naturally.

Also, make sure the image file names and ALT text include your target keyword. It takes a few seconds to do, but this quick change can boost the SEO worth of dated content.

It goes without saying, title tags, meta description and ALT text should match the topic of the page.

2. Localise your content

If you have articles that focus on a specific geographical area, you could republish and expand this content so that it applies to new regions. For example, you can follow the format of an existing Barcelona city guide and create guides for a wide range of destinations.

Some great examples of this come from and Airbnb – although they use the same template for each location, the content is completely unique for each. This is a great way to transform one piece of old content into multiple pieces of fresh content.


3. Nail your distribution plan

According to Regalix, 76% of marketers use social media to support and boost SEO – while stats from Hubspot show that over 58% of marketers who’ve been using social media for at least a year have improved search engine rankings.

Providing it isn’t time-sensitive, don’t be afraid of recycling existing content on your company’s social media pages. It’s important to remember social channels double up as search engines. If you’re creative with your promotion, it’ll seem like you’re pushing a brand new article. Always look for ways in which old content can tap into trending topics:

  • Are there any relevant Twitter hashtags?
  • Are there relevant LinkedIn groups where you can share your content?
  • Could a piece of content be turned into a Facebook competition?

4. Consider Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri

9.5 million people in the UK now own a smart speaker which means that voice searches are on the increase. From checking on the weather forecast and traffic conditions to finding out when the local post office closes, searches are becoming more conversational thanks to the advances personal voice assistants. By optimising your content for voice search, you’ll be able to stay one step ahead of the competition.

A great way to succeed in voice search is to research the kinds of questions your target audience are asking, and create content that gives them the answers.

Think about adding a Q&A section to your site, or write some articles that follow a question and answer format addressing the pain points of your audience. AO, a home appliance company, demonstrate the importance of this in their help section, with an updated “trending today” section which keeps content fresh.

5. Create content from content

If you’ve got a big piece of content which performed well, see how you can generate new content off the back of it. Look to turn brochures and flyers into Whitepapers or PDF downloads, transform How to guides into slideshows or why not create a video from your best performing content? Not only do these content updates boost your SEO efforts, they will help you reach new audiences and keep your brand in the minds of your customers – and if your customers remember you, they’ll skip Google and come straight to your site whenever they need your product or service.


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