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Why meta tags matter for SEO

Posted on 27th November, 2018 by gregdoyle

Search Engine Optimisation

There are many different types of meta tags including title tag, meta description, meta keywords, and meta robots tag, but just how important are they for SEO. First up, your title tag is one of the most important SEO elements on your web page and should contain your target keywords in a useful title e.g. Local emergency plumber in Manchester.

Next, is your meta description, this tag doesn’t influence your rankings directly but it does help to make people click on your listing by giving them a description of what they are looking for so from the example below you may have “ABC Plumbing, 24-hour emergency plumbing services in Manchester with no callout fees. Call today on 01234 567890 to speak with an expert plumber.”

Meta robots are used to control how the search engines crawl your web pages and so are an extremely important element as they have the potential to stop Google picking up your website. Finally, meta keywords which don’t have any SEO benefit and can be ignored completely.

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