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7 Google easter eggs that will keep you entertained for hours

Posted on 4th September, 2015 by ffsocialteam

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Has that Friday feeling kicked in? To get your weekend started we’ve searched the ins and outs of the internet to bring you seven of the best Google search tricks we can find. We guarantee that these tricks will keep you and your colleagues entertained for those moments of well-deserved procrastination.

1. A Google a day

If you’re a classic quiz master then this one is the one for you. type in and get ready to test your knowledge, your typing skills and more importantly, your Google skills.


2. Beam me up Scotty!

This one is for all you Star Trek fans out there. Search “Beam Me up Scotty” into YouTube and watch as your screen teleports to an alternative dimension.

Beam Me Up Scotty


3. Atari Breakout

Search Atari Breakout in your Google images and enjoy the classic game.



4. Six degrees of Kevin Bacon

How many steps away is your favourite celeb from Kevin Bacon? Search their name with ‘bacon number’ to find out; or even yours, you might have a claim to fame.


5. Zerg Rush

StarCraft enthusiasts will this little trick. Search Zerg Rush in Google hit enter and prepare to be attacked by the “O’s”.



6. Google in 1998

Go back in time with this trick. Search Google in 1998 and be taken back to Google’s first results page. Warning if you remember the days when Google looked like this, there’s a chance this might make you feel old.




7. Go Waka Waka all over Google

Over the years Google has released a variety of fun and interactive doodles but we believe Pacman is the best. Enjoy the exhilarating rush you get from this classic arcade game.


Let us know which one is your favourite, or if you know of any more let us know in the comments below – we’d love to try them out!


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