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Why you should be creating fresh content for your website

Posted on 27th February, 2018 by Greg Doyle

Search Engine Optimisation

Ever since Google’s Caffeine update back in 2011, there has been a ranking boost for content that is up to date and relevant. Known as “Query Deserves Freshness”, this update rewards content that is in the news and trending, a prime example would be a breaking news story from a leading newspaper. But, what does fresh content mean for websites that don’t deliver news? In this article, we’ll look at why you should be creating fresh content for your own website.

Better keyword opportunities

One of the most convincing reasons for creating fresh content for your website is the increased ability to target more keywords and gain rankings for these. Whether writing new blog posts or looking to update existing website content, long tail keywords should help form your content strategy. If you haven’t updated your website content in a while then now could be a great time to do some new keyword research to check that you are targeting the most relevant search terms.

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Updated website content

You may have service pages or general pages on your website that have not been changed since your website went live but do these pages really meet the needs of users? Don’t just limit content creation to new pages and blog articles on your website. There are a number of ways that you can improve existing content and make it more appealing and these include:

  • Adding relevant headings
  • Improving the structure of the page
  • Simplifying the language you use
  • Cutting out unnecessary jargon
  • Adding relevant internal and external links

The content that you use on your service and general pages should be long enough to provide real value to your users. Content should be themed around your chosen keywords and take an in-depth approach to add the most value.

Answer user queries

One of the best ways to add new content to your website is creating a new page to answer user queries. By carrying out research on platforms such as Quora you can get an idea of what questions your target audience wants to answer and create content that does just this. Answering user queries also offers increased opportunities to get your website improved rankings and even the ability to appear within the featured snippets section on Google.

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Improved user experience

Another reason for adding fresh content to your website is that you can improve the user experience for visitors. Making your structure easier to understand, adding new and relevant content that meets the needs of users and providing authoritative advice are all ways that you can add value to your website content. The higher the quality of your content the more likely it is that other sites will link to your pages and content.

Fresh content is extremely beneficial from a user experience point of view as it reassures customers and gives them the information they are looking for. Of course, there are some instances where content freshness isn’t as important and this normally includes occasions where there is a recognised authority on the subject.


For most businesses, it makes sense to carry out a content review at least once a year to evaluate new opportunities for existing content. Any site with a blog should carry out a monthly audit to highlight new opportunities as well as making sure the content is being updated on a regular basis with authoritative content.

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