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The best Google Chrome plugins to make you more productive

Posted on 8th May, 2018 by gregdoyle

Search Engine Optimisation

Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers with digital marketers but most digital marketers are not making the most out of the huge range of available plugins. There are literally thousands of plugins available so to help you out we’ve narrowed down the collection to just 7 of our favourites to help you be more productive.

SEO Meta in 1 Click

For those that waste valuable time scouring a page’s source code looking for Meta information, canonical tags, headings and robots tags this plugin will save you plenty of time. From how to optimise your images to the order of headings as they appear on the page, this plugin is a useful tool for spot checking onsite SEO of your web pages or examining those of your competitors.


One of the go-to tools for our content team, Grammarly is a spelling and grammar checker which helps you eliminate errors from your writing. Whether sending a quick email or posting on your social media accounts or penning the next bestselling novel, Grammarly can help to make you a better writer by spotting a range of errors that other programs may miss.

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Eye Dropper

Digital marketing is pushing the boundaries with marketing teams now responsible for creating a huge range of digital assets on a daily basis. The Eye Dropper plugin lets you select any colour from a webpage and get the hex code and RGB values, helping you quickly put together branded assets that match the colour palette of your clients.

Facebook Pixel Helper

If you manage social media campaigns on a daily basis then the Facebook Pixel Helper is a must have plugin to make your life easier. The icon turns blue if the pixel tracking code is found on a website and clicking into the plugin shows more details about the pixel. This is a must-have plugin for those looking to problem solve when the tracking isn’t working properly.

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With so many digital platforms and accounts trying to remember your passwords can be a little bit of a nightmare. Thankfully plugins like LastPass aim to make this a breeze by storing all of your passwords to give you secure access from any computer or mobile device.


Another tracking script checker, though unlike the Facebook Pixel Helper, Ghostery tells you what trackers, pixels and beacons are live on any webpage you visit. This can be helpful for evaluating a managed page and identify errors as well as checking out the competition and see how they are tracking users.


A default plugin for anyone in the SEO profession, the Mozbar extension gives you access to useful SEO metrics such as Domain Authority and Page Authority while searching the web and lets you quickly analyse web pages and assess keyword difficult, perfect for those looking for new ranking opportunities.

We’d love to hear about the Chrome plugins that you feel are essential for doing your job so share your favourites in the comments section below.

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