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8 Easy Steps to Developing your Brand

Posted on 23rd July, 2014 by ffsocialteam

Online Marketing

In this post I’m going to share with you eight easy steps to help you develop your company’s brand and become more recognisable in your chosen market.

What is a Brand?

A brand is your company’s identity. Whether it’s a logo or a name, these must be unique so you will stand out in your industry. This will represent your company, so your brand must tell a story about your services and what you do

  1. Decision Time – You will have to choose what your brand needs to cover. Are you going to brand your whole company? Or just one of your products or services. You could even choose to brand an individual from your company.
  2. Research, Research, Research – Find out everything you need to know about your market. Who are your competitors? What services or products are currently on offer? But most importantly, who is your audience? The more information you can get on your target market, the easier it will be to help you develop your brand.
  3. Position your Product – Find a spot for your product
    or service in the market, where you can build your way up and into consumers’ thoughts. Everybody wants exciting and new products and services, so be creative and think; what do people want and is it already being provided.
  4. Writing Your Brand Definition – When writing your brand definition, talk about how your product/service can benefit your customers. What does your brand stand for, what are your morals, values and goals? How is it going to fit into the market? Most importantly, why your product and service is unique and why it will benefit your customers?
  5. The Name Game – Here is the fun, but potentially hard part: naming your brand. When you come up with a name for your brand that is when your whole image will fall into place. Come up with a tagline which is snappy, provides information and is memorable. Let’s take KFC for instance; their tagline is ‘Finger-lickin’ good!’ It’s short and it sticks in your head. Have a simple but effective logo and a name that will stick in people’s heads. Or maybe you can have a catchy jingle to help people remember your brand. We’ve all heard the ‘We Buy Any Car Dot Com’ jingle, it’s the kind that gets stuck in your head. You want your jingle -and your brand- to stick in your customers head!
  6. Lift off – It’s time to go public with your brand! Unveil your name, logo and slogan. Let your market know the story behind your brand and how it reflects on what your company stands for!
  7. Management – You have to be consistent. Always bear in mind what your brand stands for, the way you approach your customers and where you stand in the market. The worst thing you can do as a brand is to be constantly changing your tone and presence so always think about your next move correctly Constantly tell people about your brand and let them know you’re here to stay!
  8. Keep it Current – You have to keep up with the times. It’s a fast paced world we live in, constantly evolving our businesses and the way we market them. Keep up with social media; this will be the best way to be up to date and relevant.

The Benefits of a Great Brand

There are thousands of companies who have got their branding spot on! One of the most successful brands is McDonald’s – everyone recognises those ‘Golden Arches’. They’ve made their logo simple and easy to recognise. Their brand is marketed so well, people of all ages know the company! As well as the simple logo, they have had celebrities such as Justin Timberlake, Destiny’s Child and even Samuel L. Jackson advertise and promote their company.

So if you follow these eight easy steps to develop your brand and always stay consistent you will reach more customers and then you can become more recognisable in your chosen market!


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