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7 Reasons why your adverts aren’t showing on Google

Posted on 7th January, 2021 by Grant Johnson

Google Ads

Google Ads are one of the best ways for businesses to reach their target customers as they let you match keywords with adverts and direct clicks to the most relevant pages on your website. But, what do you do when your adverts aren’t being shown? In this article, we look at the common reasons why your advert isn’t showing up on Google and what you can do to check it.

1.      Keywords not in your campaign

One of the most obvious starting points is to check that the keywords you are searching for are in your campaign. As well as checking the keywords that you are targeting in your campaign make sure to see if you are possibly blocking any keywords unintentionally with your negative keywords. Remember that if a keyword is paused then your advert won’t be shown when someone enters that search phrase.

2.      Search volume

If your keyword is active in your campaign but the keyword has a very low search volume, then it is unlikely that a search for this term will trigger any adverts to be shown. This is particularly the case for campaigns that have a limited budget as Google will choose to show other keywords that have a higher search volume.

3.      Advert status

Have your adverts been disapproved? Or are they showing a status of “Approved (limited)”? Checking the status of your adverts will help you to determine if there are any problems with your adverts that are stopping them from being displayed. If your adverts have been disapproved or have limited reach, then you need to investigate to see what the problem is.

4.      Ad scheduling

Are your adverts running 24/7 or do you have custom ad scheduling in place? Chances are that if your campaigns have been optimised then they will be setup to show your adverts most during the most profitable times for your business. If you don’t manage your own campaign, then it’s a safe bet that your digital marketing agency has optimised the times that your campaigns run to help improve performance.

5.      Location targeting

Just like ad scheduling limits the times when your adverts are displayed, location targeting does the same for geographic areas that see your adverts. If you are located outside of the target area, then you will be unable to see your own adverts. The best way to check your adverts and see how they look is using the Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool. This simple tool will help you view your adverts without increasing the number of impressions and inflating your CPC bid prices.

6.      Budget constraints

One of the reasons why your adverts are not being shown is if your daily spend has reached your budget. Campaigns that are limited by budget will have their adverts spread out through the day in an attempt to stop the campaign from spending the budget too quickly. This means that your adverts won’t be shown for every search.

7.      Keyword CPC prices

Your maximum CPC bid price is the amount that you are willing to spend on each click on your keyword. If you set your CPC bid prices too low then your adverts won’t be eligible to show on the first page of results, meaning you won’t be seeing them when you search. Check your keyword CPC bid prices frequently along with your average position to ensure your adverts are being shown on the first page of results.

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