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How to achieve unique website content: top tips

Posted on 10th September, 2015 by Greg Doyle

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The emphasis on engaging your visitors with fresh, compelling and thought- provoking content has never been greater. What does this mean? Your website must have unique content.

Google’s impact

The largest search engine in the world is continually evolving. Their aim: to provide users with the best possible experience. To get your content seen, you must evolve too.

How to get noticed

Offer something that your competitors do not. Incentivise your audience. Challenge perception. Ask a question. Educate. Be bold. This is what gets attention.

Write copy people can read

There are few practices that you’ll be penalised more for than keyword stuffing. Yes, five years ago copy with a keyword density of 2-3% percent could boost your rankings. Today, Google’s algorithms have evolved. Always write copy for people – not search engines.

Content structure 

Make your content interesting – and easy to read. Users don’t want to read blocks of copy. Most people skim read. They won’t want to invest an hour read an essay when they can digest the same information in a matter of minutes.

Images draw attention 

Research suggests that the average user devotes seven seconds to an individual page. That means content creators have seven seconds to grab the attention of consumers. Be creative with your images, after all a picture tells 1000 words.

User experience 

Make it fun. No one ever invests time in anything that bores them. The more fun your content is, the more people will respond – and share.

Be creative 

Being unique is paramount. Show the search engines something that they haven’t seen before. Tell your story in a way that nobody else does. Content that’s been produced and published unlike anywhere else online will get you noticed.

Have you any tips for creating unique website content? Share your thoughts today!


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