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6 reasons why you should have a company blog

Posted on 1st February, 2019 by Greg Doyle

Content Marketing

If your brand is yet to jump on the blogging bandwagon, why not set one up today? Starting a blog will have considerable benefits for your business — but companies can sometimes be put off by the commitment and resources needed to start a blog and maintain regular posts. However, we think the positives of blogging far outweigh these common concerns. If you still need some convincing, we have rounded up six of the most compelling reasons for starting one.

#1 It will help with SEO

Regularly updating your site with fresh, relevant content can really help give you more visibility in search engines — which boosts the amount of organic traffic visiting your main site, and, therefore, helps to reduce the expensive costs associated with paid ads.

Ensure posts are rich in keywords, but be careful not to go down the route of ‘keyword stuffing’ (where a page is overloaded with keywords in an attempt to manipulate rankings in SERPs) — this can be penalised by Google.

#2 It gives your brand a voice and a personality

Having somewhere to share topical news stories, new products and services or company news encourages interaction with customers and industry influencers. Not only will a blog create conversation, it will also help you to establish your brand as an ‘expert’ in your field — so customers see you as a reliable and trustworthy source of information, and keep coming back to you when they want the latest updates.


Anything that keeps your brand at the forefront of people’s minds is a huge positive. A great example of a company that have used their blog to make their brand stand out from the crowd is As on online retailer of white goods and appliances, they have transformed their blog into a complete lifestyle hub: featuring recipes, arts & crafts and posts which help customers make the most of the products they’ve purchased from their site.

#3 It will support other marketing initiatives

Great content can serve a purpose beyond the blog itself: you can shout about it on your social media channels (which in turn promotes conversation, increases traffic to your site and helps boost brand awareness), or include articles in your email marketing campaigns. Well-written, relevant content will be appreciated by readers.

Don’t forget that blog content also acts as free PR for your brand; according to HubSpot, last year content marketing as a whole generated three times as many leads as outbound marketing (but cost 62% less).

#4 You’ll gain a better understanding of your target audience

To refine your blogging and content strategy, you must know exactly who you are writing for in order to create content that will appeal. Do some competitor research and see what types of content other companies in your industry are producing and who they’re targeting — this will help you sharpen your business focus and create a blog that’s engaging and useful to your readers.

Once you’ve got a few posts on the go, you can use analytic tools like Buzzsumo and Moz to track how well your content is performing — helping you see what type of content does well in terms of engagement and interaction.

#5 It will get your creative juices flowing

Great content doesn’t write itself: it takes extensive planning, research and brainstorming to create posts that are going to have an impact on your readers. Researching and writing blog posts is mentally stimulating and inspiring, and is often a welcome break from day-to-day tasks. Maintaining a blog will help you and your team to think more creatively and collaboratively — skills which you can utilise in meetings relating to any area of your business.

#6 A blog helps to generate inbound links

Having lots of high-quality inbound links is looked on favourably by organic search ranking algorithms. A blog is one of the key ways to attract authoritative links to your site, as your content will act as a resource for other bloggers, journalists and authors; and every time they reference your articles, you’ll naturally start to grow your inbound links. Did you know, companies that blog have a whopping 97% more inbound links (according to the HubSpot State of Inbound Marketing Lead Generation Report)?

As well as being a win for SEO, these links will also provide referral traffic to your site: increasing your number of organic visitors. So there you have it, a company blog is undoubtedly one of the best ways to improve your SEO efforts, boost creativity and increase brand awareness.


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