Getting the most out of Instagram (four brilliant examples)

Posted on 11th October, 2016 by Sophi Lynch

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Instagram isn’t just about selfies and pug pictures anymore, it’s a crucial part of any business’ marketing strategy.

Instagram is the platform your business could be missing from your social media marketing plan. The visual platform has over 500 million monthly active users posting photos of their day to day lives and engaging with brands. It’s a great way to showcase your brands personality and promote the culture of your company. Introduce the team or share your Monday morning ritual – your business needs to have an Instagram account and here’s why:


adobe1 adobe2

Become an integral part of your community and guide the way for other companies by setting an example. Adobe does this perfectly.

They purely post user generated content in success of creating a creative community for others to get involved with too. This approach takes the company away from the hard sales and shows how people are utilising the software program and sharing their talents online.

Don’t forget that Instagram is also a place to get inspired by other people’s work and this is exactly what Adobe does!


asos1 asos2

Creating a consistent theme that represents the culture and personality of your brand will instantly grab the attention of your target audience.

If there’s account that nails the typical Instagram aesthetic– it’s ASOS.

ASOS have an eclectic theme that has racked them up a whopping 5.1 million followers. The fashion brand goes beyond clothing and incorporates other relevant aspects such as beauty, food and travel.

It’s more than selling clothes and shoes; they’re promoting a free-spirited lifestyle that can influence and inspire their followers. Scroll through their feed on a Friday morning to be reminded you successfully made it through another week!

The bright images and snappy captions are empowering on any day of the week


airbnb1 airbnb2

Engage with your followers and encourage them to share their experiences of your products or services. It’s all about building trust and making them feel included in your culture.

Escape from your morning bus commute and dive into the Airbnb feed. Each mystical image is regrammed from their users. For a platform that relies on user generated content, each post is high quality and makes you feel instant wanderlust. The magical images encourage other ‘Airbnb stayers’ to share their experiences, as well as promote the company culture of belonging and

Airbnb encourage users to share their trips with a branded hashtag – this promotes their culture of connecting people to unique travel experiences. No matter where in the world you are, scrolling through their Instagram will help you discover new places.

Warby Parker

warbyparker1 warbyparker2

Think outside of the box by considering how your business can be portrayed both offline and online.

Warby Parker, the US based eyewear company doesn’t just focus on selling their glasses or relying on influences to snap a promotional photo– they look at the bigger picture. Combining the concept of vision with high quality visuals to create an interesting feed for both customers and users.

They might not be the Kardashians but you can definitely still keep up with what each member of #teamwarby is getting up to across their multiple locations. Whether the Dallas team are exploring their new surroundings or the New York team are having a quick coffee break in their favourite spot. Warby Parker has the balance just right when it comes to promoting both offline and online culture.

Go beyond your products and introduce yours followers to the culture of your company with exciting photos!

What are your favourite Instagram accounts? Share the links below or even your own so we can follow you



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